A hollow core floor is precast, pretensioned concrete slabs with voids. The concept of reducing the weight of concrete slabs by creating voids in the centre of the cross-section dates to the beginning of the previous century.

Precast, pretensioned concrete slabs are widely used in construction due to its time- and cost-effectiveness. The slabs require lower cement content, lower water to binder ratios and less steel compared to conventional concrete slabs, resulting in a lighter structure (less weight on foundations) and a smaller footprint. Precast concrete elements are fabricated in factories under well-controlled environmental conditions, producing a high-quality concrete slab with optimal material use.

The benefits of using pretensioned concrete decking are as follows:

  • Time saving on construction
  • Prolonged durability
  • Crack free
  • Reduction in dead load
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Low maintenance costs


StruTech provides engineered concrete decking solutions: from design by our in-house design team to manufacturing of the slabs by our specialist pre-stress concrete manufacturer and finally installation by experienced rigging teams.


The decking system will be engineered to the specific requirements of your architect plan, based on the expected loading as prescribed by SANS 10160, and will also be professionally installed. The installation is done by means of a mobile or truck-mounted crane, depending on the site conditions. The panels are lifted off the delivery trucks and placed onto their supports. 


Important to note: a 50mm structural concrete topping with light steel mesh is required to complete the final design criteria and must be poured by the main building contractor once all the panels are in place.


The Design and Construction Process that we take responsibility for include the following:

  • Engineering appointment form required for municipal approval of project (Form 2)
  • Design of the foundations and support structure for the slab
  • Slab layout drawings with structural element schedules
  • Procurement of precast concrete elements
  • Municipal completion documents (Form 3/4)

For cost effective floor specialists contact us by email: admin@strutech.co.za or phone 064 456 4931 / 076 244 1164.

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